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Welcome to Detour Platform

The documentation and links in these pages will help you get oriented and teach you how to create a Detour from start to finish.

Once you've created your Detour, the instructions here will guide you through testing in the Detour App and publishing on the Detour platform.

What's so great about a Detour?

A Detour is a powerful and engaging way to experience a place - to learn about the world around you by being immersed in it. The best way to understand what a Detour is, is to take one.

You can find a list of cities where we currently have tours here.

If you aren't in a Detour city, you can watch highlights of some of our tours here.

Or, contact us via the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of this page and ask for an mp3 for at-home listening.

Ready to get started?

Pardon Our Appearance

We're currently updating the Detour Platform User Guide to better help you understand Detour Studio and get you creating your 1st Detour quickly. We've tried to make sure that no links or resources have disappeared but there may be times when certain pages are down.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please use the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to contact Detour Platform Support.

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Welcome to Detour Platform

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