This guide will teach you how to use Descript to create and publish audio tours to the Detour app. You will also learn how to use Decentral and the Detour app testing features, which are the other components of the Detour Platform.

If you're new to Detour Platform, we recommend getting started by following the steps below.

1. Take a Detour

The best way to understand what a Detour is to take one. We currently have tours in the following cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Austin, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Marrakech. If you can, take a Detour in your nearest city. If you aren't in a Detour city, contact support and we can give you an mp3 of a tour for at-home listening.

2. Learn how to Write for Place

You’re probably used to writing for film, TV, radio, or other media. But there are a few tricks you’ll want to read up on before writing your first place-based story. Our essay, How To Write a Detour, is a great introduction to the craft of writing stories that are designed to be experienced on-location.

3. Learn Descript

Descript is a Mac app, developed by Detour, for producing voice-driven audio content like podcasts, audio books, and audio tours. Visit the Descript Manual to learn the basics.

4. Learn Descript for Audio Tours

You'll be using a special version of Descript with features for producing location-based audio tours and publishing them to the Detour app. Start by completing our Three Little Pigs Tutorial. For more, check out the Descript for Audio Tours section of this guide.