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Detour Studio User Guide - Introduction

Last updated Sept 5th, 2017

Detour Studio is the creation tool at the heart of Detour Platform. You’ll use Detour Studio from the very start of the production process - to brainstorm your Detour’s path, create a story outline, write script drafts, and polish your final mix.

Key Features

Integrated Scripting and Mapping

Script/Map View

Script/Map View

You'll use Detour Studio's Map View to draw and edit the path of your tour, and the Script Editor to write your script. The two functions are linked together - Detour Studio will tell you how much time you have between Point A and Point B on your map, and whether your script is too short, too long, or just right.

Audio Word Processing

Detour Studio makes editing audio as easy as using a text editor. Voice audio aligns to a transcript allowing you to cut, copy, paste, delete, and insert audio by manipulating the text. You can start writing from scratch and connect audio later, or bring in pre-recorded audio first and build your script from those recordings.

Fast and Accurate Transcription

Detour Studio transcribes audio, with up to 95% accuracy, in about half the time of the original source clip.

Full-featured waveform editor

Make fine-tuned edits and crossfades using Detour Studio's powerful waveform editor.

Non-destructive export to Pro Tools, Audition, Logic, etc.

Or, make voice edits in Detour Studio and export to your audio editing application of choice.

Ready to Start Learning?

Get an overview of Detour Studio

Make a Practice Detour with our Step-by-Step Tutorial

Our Tutorial - The Three Little Pigs walks you through the most common steps, features, and tools you'll use when making your Detour.

Go In-Depth with the Detour Studio User Guide

This User Guide covers everything you need to know about making audio tours with Detour Studio.

Updated 2 years ago

Detour Studio User Guide - Introduction

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